To develop community musical awareness and education by providing a variety of free public and civic organization sponsored performances of concert band music for the communities of Yamhill and Polk County and surrounding areas.

To provide our members an opportunity for life-long musical expression; promoting musical opportunities for area adults and young adults with a desire to continue to develop and use their musical talents; providing cultural and educational enrichment in our communities; and building a sense of enjoyment in each player for the performance of live music.

To serve as a model of performance excellence for students in public, private and home schools and to provide a more challenging musical experience than students may ordinarily find in their school music program.

To keep the music of America's past alive for all generations of listeners.

- - - - -

The Director and Members of the Second Winds Community Band believe very deeply in the importance of music in people's lives. With all of the negative things occurring in today's society, the Second Winds Community Band provides a means to have a positive expression instead. It offers the members ample opportunities to utilize musical abilities. Members experience the rewards of working together on common goals to perfect tunes for public performance, thus leading to a strong sense of pride in themselves and in the organization. To the youth of our community, it reinforces the concept that something which is done "for free" can, indeed, be of great value. We are committed to the communities we serve and we are willing to share our collective talents with others whenever possible.